Forest Management Service_Description

Service Objective

The Forest Monitoring Service is a new service to IGAD. The objective of the Forest Monitoring service is to set up an operational system for monitoring forest cover and forest cover changes, forest vulnerability to external pressure. This will involve the use of EO data to analyse forest area and land cover changes on sampling areas; setting up institutional arrangements to steer the Forest Monitoring process in the country; strengthening the capacity of local personnel in deforestation/degradation mapping and the overall Forest Monitoring to enable countries report carbon stocks to the IPCC and UNREDD for carbon credits. The main goal is to obtain information on the distribution and changes in forest degradation and forest deforestation at hotspot, national and regional levels.

Summary Description of the Service

The service provides two products at the national level and one product at the regional level. At the national level it produces forest degradation, deforestation and forest vulnerability modelling that would allow reporting on land use and forest change. These are, wall-to-wall mapping to support REDD+ and national sample-based forest statistics. To support the REDD+ process there is a requirement for nations to undertake an analysis of historical data to determine rates of deforestation. This information is used to create a projection of deforestation under business as usual and with REDD+ action scenarios to set the Forest Reference Emissions Levels at a national level used as the basis for performance payments under REDD+.

A final level of monitoring would be at the hotspot level to detect more precisely degradation activities using very high resolution imagery over limited geographic extents. Such hotspots are determined by MESA focal points. At the regional level (IGAD Region), the service will provide the IGAD region forest deforestation statistics for 2015 building on JRC work of 2005 and 2010. The service will also provide the capacity building of the forest institutions in the IGAD region in forest degradation and deforestation mapping using Earth Observation Data. The goal of the Forest monitoring service is to provide the earth observation based information to support national and regional policy and decision makers engaged in Forest monitoring and conservation management.

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