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Result Area 4 of MESA-IGAD grant seeks to strengthen political and policy development frameworks in order to make decision and policy makers more aware of the role that Earth Observation can play in making policy and planning decisions within the broader environmental sector.

There are two components to Result Area 4, these are:

Component 1: Regional and national authorities are better networked and better informed for making policy and planning decisions with regards to climate, environment and security issues, AND

Component 2: Regional and national authorities bring an enhanced knowledge of climate, environment and security information to bear when deliberating other policy areas.

A strategy of the MESA–IGAD Regional Implementation Centre (RIC) to achieve Result Area 4 is in the pipeline and will seek to cover the following components:

i.  Provision of services in three thematic areas (Themas) in order to demonstrate the application of EO data to manage identified environmental issues. The three areas are natural habitat conservation, land degradation assessment and forest monitoring, but there are many other applications relevant to the IGAD region. Achievement: three services have been developed and staff in project countries trained in their production

ii.  Dissemination of these services as widely as possible to government departments and other end-users in order to build awareness of the application of EO data. This is achieved mainly via the RIC website/geo-portal, bulletins/publications and workshops. Achievement: A RIC communication strategy has been published, a website set-up and a geo-portal is being developed. Bulletins on the three thematic areas have been published

iii.  Networking, which aims to establish national networks of current and potential users of EO data to ensure a wide dissemination of MESA products and services and raise awareness. Achievement: a networking strategy has been prepared and national steering committees have been setup in 4 countries

The MESA project has also financed the provision of significant numbers of environmental stations (e-stations) throughout Africa including the MESA-IGAD region. Access to data is in theory possible to all governments and institutions. In addition, the European Union will be making available medium scale imagery free of charge from the suite of sentinel satellites operated through the Copernicus Programme. It is essential that the data available through these initiatives together with the services developed by MESA is appreciated and used by MESA-IGAD governments.

Below is a policy assessment document produced during AMESD and is in the process of being updated in MESA.

Click on the link below to download the terms of reference for the national and regional assessments by the National Focal Points:

Terms of reference for national and regional consultants for AMESD IGAD policy development


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