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Project Brief

Title of the action:

Land Degradation Monitoring, Natural Habitat Conservation, and Forest Monitoring Services

Location(s) of the action:

IGAD member states (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda) + Burundi + Rwanda

Objectives of the action

The general objective is to increase information management capacity of IGAD regional and national institutions in support of decision and policy makers and facilitate sustainable access to Africa-wide environmental information derived from earth observation technologies.

The specific objective is to enhance the assessment and monitoring of land degradation, natural habitats and forest resources for sustainable land management.

Target group(s)

Regional and national institutions mandated for environment, climate, food security and related responsibilities, including academia, which are expected to benefit directly from MESA information services, technical assistance and training opportunities.

Final beneficiaries

The Principal Beneficiaries are national environment decision makers in the 10 IGAD countries. The Ultimate beneficiaries are the general public, and particularly vulnerable populations living in rural and vulnerable areas.

Estimated results

· Improvement of access by African stakeholders in IGAD region to Earth Observation (EO) and GIS data and information

· Operational information services on LD, NF and Forests are established to better manage environmental resources and improve sustainable policy and decision-making processes

· Improvement of cross-fertilization of services and products and cooperation among regions on the African continent

· Strengthening of political and policy development frameworks

· Increasing of knowledge of African stakeholders in the IGAD region with regard to EO information

Main activities

· Better and secure data access

· Delivery of 3 operational thematic services based on EO data: LD, NH, Forest monitoring;

· Cross-fertilization (adaptation of the agriculture service from SADC )

· Participation in Continentalization activities

· Strengthening of policy frameworks;

· Capacity development and training


Result Area on Thematic Information Services



Regional Economic Community

Regional Implementation Centre






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